540 000 000

This artwork was made for a special prize called "PRISMA RECTANGULAR: la caja como punto de partida" (RECTANGULAR PRISM: the box as starting point) in Mexico, 2014 and only requirement was to make all projects in boxes of specific size. 540 000 000 was a collaboration with Roberto Garza Lau and won a Honorary Mention.


540 000 000 is an electronic artwork that lives on and measures how  long it has been watched. Is existence depends on the action of watching, exerted by the audience. As a reflection of energy and its entropy, translated to the creative act in art and then placed on the watcher, the box draws the eyes of its viewers and draws them with a laser (while pointing at them) by wearing the paper with heat. The canvas is filled with eyes after 540 000 000 tenths of a second, and then it dies, becoming the vestige of a temporal process, showing as a corpse  the number of observers that also made up its body and  to fulfill the objective of any artistic work: to be seen and heard. The death of the artwork is also necessary, because if the laser kept drawing, it would burn the paper, cross it and hurt the viewers' eyes.