Datanimbus is a virtual sculpture, visible only through mobile devices. The idea of ​​the Cloud as an abstract space in which an impressive amount of data converges in order to solve specific problems, in other words, collective intelligence, is the main theme of this artwork. What does a space mean for us? Datanimbus is a converging point for virtual and real space, as well as thoughts, impressions and opinions about that space.


The collaborative capabilities of Internet give us the chance for continuously transform the way we appreciate and understand reality. In a world where virtual overlaps real more often every day, not only places and relationships, but even artwork is questioned about its need to physically exist. This sculpture intends to use the Cloud work flow as a practice for creating a real time visualization of concepts and ideas about itself, provided by visitors.


This interactive installation is somewhat presented as a forum in situ for particular subjects: What is happening with digital media? How can it transform the perception of artwork and physical reality?. Through a mobile device (a smartphone, for instance) users may explore the sculpture, formed by nodes, in a concrete space through augmented reality. With a simple interface they will ask whatever they want to know from the proposed subject and this questions will be posted in Twitter. Every new question or answer affect the sculpture, by creating new nodes or enlarging existing ones. The app is synchronized in the space with the main view of the cloud, so that all users watch the same movements and shapes.


The data-visualization sculpture will keep changing its shape as a reflection of an organic movement of information collaboratively built, digital aesthetics formulated from the questions on everything that surrounds it.


This artwork is a collaboration with Rodrigo Medina.




This work was produced with the support of the Program for Support of Multimedia Research and Production from Centro Multimedia (CMM) in the National Arts Center.