In 2016, a group of artist had conversations on Rem Koolhaas' ideas on space. Immersive Space was the name of the final exhibition, exploring junk-space and was displayed in Noox gallery in Mexico city. I did two artworks for this exhibition:


Ubicación arquetipo (Archetypal Location). Thinking about generic spaces (including art galleries), the intend of the artwork was to deconstruct the relationship between real, finite and particular by making a copy of the gallery in VR. Even when size and textures were copied, the space was fractalized, so in every painting, window and door the user would go back to the same room. When VR headset was removed, the user was still in the same place, but the real one. A high sense of non escape confinement was produced due to the play with a meta-reality.

3D Modeling: Pablo Luis Jiménez

Los espacios perdidos (Lost Spaces): Generic, impersonal and transitory (junk)spaces intend to eliminate critical thinking from their users, providing a space of comfort and dragging its users to a hypnotic movement, similar to that of a flock. In three different videos, this kind of places show from above the unintended choreography of masses. When someone comes close to the videos, projected in the edge of a window, a disruptor walks the other way and people are forced to adopt other movement to avoid him, sometimes even yelling at him.