Propagating Dimensions is a sound modular installation that transforms architectural spaces into resonance structures. By picking up sound around the gallery (specially conversations) with hidden microphones, the space is then reconfigured when collected sounds are played in transductive speakers behind gallery walls.


Audience is not aware where these sounds come from, but some stickers are left in the museum walls as a clue of the microphones' position. Stickers (and speakers) are located in places that force the audience to have a playful attitude and adopt uncomfortable postures to be able to hear, while they unknowingly become some kind of spies and complete the experience with their imagination.


While Mexico city has many museums, their location is found on popular neighborhoods where the surrounding environment is completely different. Mos of people living or working around them will never enter. The intend of this artwork is to bring together these different dimensions by taking the outside to the inside, changing the rules for interacting with an institutional space and reflecting on how we see and imagine our environment and the museum as spaces for different behavior.


As the gallery becomes the artwork, it also makes evident how constant surveillance is possible, and happens as a matter of fact. And invites the audience to think about which rules apply when we know we are being heard or watched and those we skip when "we have permission".



This work was produced with the support of the Young Artists Program of the National Fund for Culture and the Arts in Mexico.