Series of expanded photograph with mobile devices and augmented reality. By using the device's camera, the audience can frame the pictures in the wall, a video is displayed, showing an ironic point of view about the same subject in the photo. Photographs used come from official media while videos are taken from Youtube, from people who used their cellphones to capture the same or similar events showing a very different reality.


The main subject of this artwork is the capability of current technological devices to save and share information among population, skipping the filter of political controlled media (magazines, tv, radio, etc.), which is very evident and common in Mexico.


In the first version of this artwork (2012), the markers where abstract illustrations while animations were displayed in the mobile devices.


For exhibition, pictures printed in medium size (60 x 35cm) are placed around the city and the application is freely distributed for Android devices. People walking in the street find these images and through a qr code more information is displayed. By downloading the app, they have access to the related videos.


up (video): While counting votes, an empty packet is open, suddenly votes appear in an officer's desk