Every time our face appears in a picture in any social network it is carefully analyzed. More and more people are becoming aware of what happens with these images in the backend; the amount of information that can actually be gathered from a single photograph may include not only gender, age or emotional state but will most likely be linked to all the information we have poured on Internet: Address, incomes, likes, comments, jobs, etc.


Data mining is a field that intends to find patterns in huge data sets and translate them into information for further use. These patterns may be used in analysis or, for example, in machine learning and predictive analytics. After companies such as Google or Facebook get this data, it is usually used for ads targeting, at the best... The main issue when using technologies that gather personal information (we actually agree to this) is individual privacy. Data mining makes it possible to analyze individual's habits, not only for buying, but in general for living. When a population can be described in habits, it becomes susceptible to manipulation.


Social Identity Mining intends to make audience aware of its vulnerability in front of a camera, as it detects the user's face in real time and quickly  sends and displays all possible information collected from a single frame.